I Am (Biography)

Michael "Michael Stefan" Marshall born in Suffolk, Virginia Michael grew up in a rural setting eventually growing bored at an early age enough to ask what is life? Who am I? Why is life the way it is? Who are we as a culture? Why? Starting creating music at the age of 14 Michael fell in love with music. Michael as a teenager went on to become a gifted rapper while holding his own as singer with a great tone and melodic presence. In 2020 releasing music in his mixtape "I Hope U Hate This" followed up by the song's "The Gym & Rula" in 2021 Michael started gaining local acclaim for his musical efforts. Since releasing music independently Michael has been featured in publications such as HipHopWeekly and Thisis50.com.

 In 2021 Michael also went on to release the songs "Left Eye & 3AM through Black Ink Management & Music Group through Bungalo Records/Universal Music Group. The essence of Michael’s being is the making of innovative music today without boundary. In making it in America.

  “I can only be me but I can feel you. Music is my therapy. Music is the way I record the events I live along with the events around me. I love artistic expression. Anyone who's faced the reality of death along with depression in self matched by drug abuse in those you love without understanding will force you to grow or just die like we all do. I'd like to live right now creating my own past and flowing effortlessly into the future.”. 

The message in Marshall’s music he says is to simply be the best you. 


"The Best Version Of You is your choice. Life's a lot about questions & choices. You don't have to try so hard just ask yourself who are you?"

“In the midst of your darkness become your own light."

“I am music from the eyes of the observer.”

Twitter & Instagram @MichaelStefanVA